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Banded Keyhole Blind
Banded Keyhole Blind - 08601

Banded Keyhole Blind

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Our desire to create the most practical line of waterfowl hunting blinds led us around the globe.  We searched for the perfect materials and the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes available.  Our goal was to fabricate blinds that were highly functional, performed in all conditions, provided optimal concealment, and made the days afield more enjoyable.  In addition, we wanted to create several blind concepts tailored to different types of hunting and situations. We drew up ideas, tested samples and put our gear through the rigors of the outdoors.  After fine tuning our designs, we created the “Keyhole” Layout Blind, ideal for the mobile hunter due to its great transportability.  The extremely compact, lightweight backpack design makes this blind great for packing in long distances as well as saving space in the vehicle or trailer.  The Keyhole sets up in seconds and offers total disguise with the integrated concealment cover and mesh quick sight lid.  You’ll also find comfort and the ability to get extremely low with the adjustable back rest settings.  Not only is the Keyhole designed for optimal portability, it’s the lowest profile layout blind available.
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