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Drake Quick-Hitch Retriever Stand
Drake Quick-Hitch Retriever Stand - DW903

Drake Quick-Hitch Retriever Stand

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The Drake Quick-Hitch Retriever Stand is built for the only hunting buddy that is in the truck every morning, rain or shine, has 4 legs.  Your retriever dog is more that a hunting asset, they are your most reliable companion in and out of the blind.  This mesh platform is rubber coated dries quick and makes a  safe and comfortable perch in the worst conditions.  Use the accessory arms to stow your gear like gun slings or bags.  Easy to transport with straps that make backpacking a breeze.  Solid steel construction for years of service.  Take your new Quick-Hitch Retriever Stand into the swamp or flooded timber and keep your best friend safe and comfortable.

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