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Drake EST Eqwader Breathable Wader - CLOSEOUT
Drake EST Eqwader Breathable Wader - DW2372

Drake EST Eqwader Breathable Wader - CLOSEOUT

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Part Number:DW2372

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Breathable waders are the most versatile type of waders available. They are constructed from a unique material that allows warm water vapor and sweat to evaporate out but prevents liquid water from leaking in. Because of this, breathable waders like the Eqwader are dryer and cooler than traditional neoprene waders. Wether you're enjoying an early-season duck hunt or wade-fishing during the warm Summer months, breathable waders are your best option for comfort. Additionally, breathable waders are made of a material which is both more flexible and thinner than neoprene. This gives the wearer increased mobility and allows him or her to add layers of clothing underneath for colder conditions. When you set up a decoy spread, walk in to your blind, or wade to your favorite fishing spot, you may sweat a bit. In neoprene waders, this moisture inside the wader cools off and often leads to the wearer becoming cold and uncomfortable. This isn't the case with breathable waders. The same wicking properties that keep you cool when it's warm out pull moisture out of the waders and prevent you from getting cold during Winter weather after a physically demanding task. 
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