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Drake EST Eqwader Breathable Wader
Drake EST Eqwader Breathable Wader - DW2372

Drake EST Eqwader Breathable Wader

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Staying cool during warm-weather hunts can be just as challenging as keeping warm during cold weather. The EST Eqwader Wading System is a 3-layer breathable wader to offer a two-fold benefit: 1) this breathable wader is cool in warm weather and prevents overheating, especially during periods of high activity, and 2) prevents the build-up of moisture vapor, which causes chilling and shivering in cold weather. As the temperature gets colder throughout the season, you can add layers to suit the conditions. 

Why choose breathable waders?
Breathable waders are ideal for use all season long, especially during the warm early season. Our EST Eqwader Wading System is constructed of a four layer fabric that bonds high-quality waterproof membranes to durable shell fabrics necessary to withstand tough hunting conditions. Breathable waders are not insulated, so they are extremely comfortable in warm temperatures when all you need is a light shirt and pant underneath your waders. The great thing about breathable waders is that you can wear them all season long in a wide temperature range simply by changing your layers underneath.

Our EST Waders and Boat Pants have 600gram Thinsulate insulation in the boots to achieve the perfect balance between breathability in warm weather and insulation in cold weather.

How are breathable waders different from neoprene waders?
Breathable waders are designed to be lightweight and versatile. Neoprene waders are designed to insulate and protect from cold weather. We consider breathable waders to be the most versatile wader for waterfowl hunting because you can always create more warmth with smart layering. With neoprene waders, your comfort zone is going to be limited by the insulation built into your waders.

Effective layering tips for breathable waders:
Smart layering is not about adding a bunch of bulky layers that make it difficult to walk, much less shoot a shotgun. Smart layering is all about choosing the right clothing that helps you achieve your comfort level in as few layers as possible.
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