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Duck Commander Gadwall 12 Pack
Duck Commander Gadwall 12 Pack - Q7133

Duck Commander Gadwall 12 Pack

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Carry-Lite has Done it again. The company known for its top-of-the-line duck decoys has created a new line of duck decoys that blows all others out of the water. Duck Commander Phil Robertson was recruited to design the Duck Commander line of duck decoys.

After Spending years on the lakes studying gadwalls, Phil Robertson knows a thing or two about their distinguishing characteristics. He has painstakingly reproduced them in the Duck Commander Gadwall Duck Decoys. Robertson's design captures the males black rear end and brilliant white speculum and accurately replicates the female gadwall's orange bill.

Gadwall ducks are the third most harvested duck in the Mississippi flyway, yet they're commonly overlooked by today's waterfowlers. Not only are Gadwall ducks good game, but their ubiquity makes them a great confidence decoy. Waterfowl won't think anything's amiss when they see a group of gadwalls hanging out in your pond. Mix them in with your mallards to attract more game and other ducks all through the season. 

While same decoy manufacturers might try to get away with painting details on smooth plastic, the feathers on these duck decoys are molded into the plastic. This creates ridges  and grooves that  offer realistic shadowing. And the plastic we use is top quality ABS plastic, not HDPE/HDPP. ABS plastic becomes one with paint, resists fading and won't crack when frozen.
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