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Loon Lakes Flushed Flying Ruffed Grouse
Loon Lakes Flushed Flying Ruffed Grouse - PUKN2884

Loon Lakes Flushed Flying Ruffed Grouse

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16" T x 9" W x 8" D

A medium-sized upland bird, Ruffed Grouse are found in forests in the North and Northeastern United States, down into the Appalachian Mountains and across Canada to Alaska. Grouse fly, like the Loon Lakes Flushed Flying Ruffed Grouse, but they are non-migratory upland birds and are commonly found in either a gray or brown color phase. Male and female plumage is almost identical, males will usually have a solid or unbroken dark tail band and multipule white spots on their rump feathers versus females with an often broken tail band and single rump feather spots. The Ruffed Grouse courtship display is not only visual but very audible. Male Grouse select a fallen log on which to stand while they rapidly beat their wings causing a “Drumming” sound. From a distance it sounds like someone starting a small tractor. Grouse, like our Loon Lakes Flushed Flying Ruffed Grouse,  are ground nesters with clutches typically having 6 to 8 eggs and their natural population cycle runs 10 to 12 years between population highs and lows. The cause for this population phenomenon is unknown.

Loon Lakes Flushed Flying Ruffed Grouse features an easy to use wall hanging hook on the rear of the sculpture.
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