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Loon Lake Flying Pintail Lamp
Loon Lake Flying Pintail Lamp - L001

Loon Lake Flying Pintail Lamp

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Even the most demanding  wildlife collector or enthusiast will be pleased with the Loon Lake Flying Pintail Lamp.  There is simply no better way to light your office, lodge, home or cabin while bringing the outdoors and your passion for waterfowling indoors. .

In the early 70's the Pintail population was larger than any other North America duck.  Known throughout North America as the Pintail, this elegant waterfowl with its pointed tail feathers and elongated body is built for speed.  This speed and its notably shape and features have earned the Pintail many nick names such as “Greyhound of the Air” or sprig.  When a flock spots a destination they approach in unison and grace that is a marvel to behold. 

At 31 inches tall the stunning Flying Pintail lamp is sure to catch the eye of every waterfowler and bird admirer.
  The removable tail is handy and makes shipping and cleaning safer.  BUt, not to worry, the tail may be replaced and it is easy and inexpensive. safe cleaning and shipping and if an accident does happen, an inexpensive replacement tail is available.

The shade is
lined leatherette and ships separately.

Loon Lake Flying Pintail Lamp Dimension:  18 inch Diameter Shade, 10 inch Diameter Base, 31 inches Tall

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