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Boyt Extra Barrel Case
Boyt Extra Barrel Case - GC21XB

Boyt Extra Barrel Case

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The Boyt Extra Barrel Case is a soft gun case with a pocket for an extra 36 inch barrel so this case will carry and protect your shotgun and an extra barrel for the range or for varying hunt conditions.  Heavy 22 oz canvas guards your shotgun and barrel from knocks and bumps and securely carries same to the range or the field.  The canvas is complemented by the end strap, handle, tip and sling all of which are made of tanned leather and provide extra wear protection as well as adding that classic look.  This shotgun case has a brass zipper that is 2 way operational and zips closed to secure your prize inside.  So will this case really protect your gun, well it carries a  Boyt Harness Company lifetime warranty which seems to imply it is going to protect season after season.    50 - 54 inches long
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