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5 Ft x 9 Ft Ghillie Blanket Cover
5 Ft x 9 Ft Ghillie Blanket Cover - GS005

5 Ft x 9 Ft Ghillie Blanket Cover

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The 5 Ft x 9 Ft Ghillie Blanket Cover is huge and covers 2 hunters as well as one whether in a ground blind setup, a tree stand or over a blind frame.   Just like Ghillie suits, the Ghillie Blanket is built on  1" x 1" Nylon netting so it is remarkably ligthweight.   And, the netting serves as a way to secure natural foliage and vegetation to the Ghillie Blanket for better concealment in any environment.  And it is so easy to do.  First, lay the blanket on the ground and drag it along this way then that to pickup natural foliage such as leaves and grasses for a look that blends naturally into the environment.

Need a custom ghillie cover?  This blanket is perfect because each knot on the 1 x 1 netting is secure.  You can cut the net to any size and shape and it will remain that size and shape. 

Mossy, woodland, Leafy Green, Desert

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