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LACROSSE FOOTWEARLacrosse has manufacturer quality footwear and waders since 1897.  They are constantly improving technical aspects and manufacturer techniques and have maintain a premium product Image for years.   Ask Lacrosse how they do it and you'll get a simple straight forward answer.  Simply stated the Lacrosse Footwear philosophy is "Do 1 thing and do it right".   And, for the past 100 plus years they have been making the best rubber boot and waders.  Tough, durable Lacrosse boots, like the Lacrosse Snake Boots and the Lacrosse work boots, that are comfortable at work or hunting.  Lacrosse boots and Lacrosse waders wont let you down and give you the freedom to focus on what matters most to you.  And, that is what matters most to Lacrosse
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