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Loon Lakes Courting Hooded Merganser
Loon Lakes Courting Hooded Merganser - PUKN36

Loon Lakes Courting Hooded Merganser

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An an exact rendition of Sam Nottleman’s Original duck carving, the Loon Lakes Courting Hooded Merganser is a masterpiece in realist detail.  You will be impressed by the intricate detail of this rendition right down to A remarkable duplication of realistic feathering and natural painting, This carve style duck decoy will impress

Quite possibly the most colorful of all North American waterfowl, the Hooded Merganser drake has a white undersides and breast with two black bars along each side of the breast and a black back, neck, and head.   The tail area is are red-brown. The birds name is derived from the distinct crest or hood which when raised, features a large white patch; and from the eye extending backwards a white stripe when lowered.  This ducks eyes are a bright yellow. Even more visible in flight, the wings have white shoulder patches over dark background.  The hen, like all waterfowl, are dull and not nearly as colorful.  Hens have upper breast and flanks of gray and a crest of  bushy brown.  The wings white markings somewhat resemble the drakes.   All of these amazing colors have been captured and displayed in the Loon Lakes Courting Hooded Merganser.   TNesting in the Pacific Northwest, Great Lakes region or eastern Canada, these colorful birds frequent deeper waters such as beaver ponds, small forest pools, swamps, millponds or coastal bays.

This carved style decorative decoy is the perfect outdoor gift.    Get your new Loon Lakes Courting Hooded Merganser and bring the color of outdoor waterfowl indoors.
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