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Mini  Electronic Game Caller
Mini Electronic Game Caller - 0900

Mini Electronic Game Caller

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Waterfowl  -  Crow  -  Canada Goose  -  Elk

The Predation Mini Elk Callers are compact, lightweight handheld game callers. Each has five recorded, high-quality elk sounds. Powered by three AAA batteries (not included).


Has five recorded, high-quality waterfowl sounds including Canada Goose, Lonesome Hen, Mallards Feeding,  Mallard Hail Call and Snow Geese.


Has five recorded, high-quality crow sounds including Crow and Hawk Fight, Crow and Owl Fight, Crow Distress, Crow Frenzy and Crow Signal


Canada Goose 
Has five recorded, high-quality Canada goose sounds including Clucks and Double Clucks, Comeback Call, Greeting Call, Intermediate Greeting Call and Laydown Call.


Has five recorded, high-quality elk sounds including Bull Elk Sparring, Cow Elk (Adult), Cow Elk (Calf), Bull Elk Bugle (Adult) and Bull Elk Bugle (Young).

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