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Nesting Wood Duck Lamp
Nesting Wood Duck Lamp - L002

Nesting Wood Duck Lamp

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Limited Edition, Hand Painted, Nesting Wood Duck Pair Lamp

Since waterfowl conservation began in the early 1900's, it has been widely recognized that maintaining a healthy waterfowl population requires successful waterfowl breeding and nesting.   And organizations like Ducks Unlimited provided thousands of dollars to assure the successful nesting of waterfowl in North America, especially Canada.  These programs were a huge success and have been expanded through the years to offset drought which has frequently threatened waterfowl populations. 

The nesting box is a specialized form of enhanced waterfowl nesting.  The box not only serves to protect the eggs and chicks from severe weather, it is usually located in such a way as to prevent predators from raiding the nest.  Wood ducks frequently nest on hollowed out stumps and limbs of alder trees that are located near dependable water.  Thus the wood duck species is especially fond of nesting boxes and will often use them year after year. 

The Loon Lakes Nesting Wood Duck Lamp depicts a pair of wood ducks admiring their home that was provided by someone with a passion for waterfowl and conservation.  What better way to light your office, home, lodge or cabin than with this beautiful lamp that tales the story of successful waterfowl conservation in America.   The Nesting Wood Duck Lamp is carve decoy type sculpture that features realistic detail and a natural paint scheme.

The perfect outdoor gift or a fantastic addition to any outdoor art gallery.


18" diameter shade, 10" diameter base, 31" Tall

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