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Weaver Bottoms American Widgeon
Weaver Bottoms American Widgeon - PUKN273

Weaver Bottoms American Widgeon

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If you have ever seen this attractive dabbler out grazing in the wet meadows and pastures it may have reminded you of a bald man.  As a matter of fact this waterfowl was formerly known as “Baldpate” because of the white strip that ran from its bill down to the back of its neck, which resembled a bald man’s head.  This wonderful dabbling duck is the most likely out of the bunch to leave the water and graze through the vegetation of near by fields.  Due to this interesting trait the American Widgeons diet has a higher portion of plant matter than any of the other dabbling ducks.  The American Widgeon often varies in appearance but it’s always represented by a beautiful coloration of feathers!


             Loon Lake Decoy Company captures the American Widgeons appealing color patterns and layered feathers in its attractive hand-crafted sculpture by Sam and Lilly Nottleman.  This wonderful carving makes for a great addition for any Lake Cabin, home, or office. 

Product Measurements
Product Height 7.5 in
Product Width 6.0 in
Product Length 13.0 in
The Anas americana or American Widgeon is more restless than most ducks, and is quick to sense trouble and will launch itself into the air with a flurry of alarm calls and beating wings, thus alerting the less suspicious diving ducks around it of the existing danger. The American Widgeon is 18-23" long And has a whitish yellow forhead and a green ear patch. The most discernable feature for male and female are white wing patches that show in flight.

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