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Spring Plummage Gadwall
Spring Plummage Gadwall - PUKN40

Spring Plummage Gadwall

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Life-size, 14” Long by 7 ½” Wide by 7 ½” Tall

This new Gadwall features a raised leg on one side and a dropped wing on the other. Like getting two sculptures for the price of one, display either the side with the beautiful speculum patch or the action position side with the raised leg. Both positions show off nature’s beautiful details of a drake Gadwall.

Gadwall have one of the widest ranges of any duck specie commonly breeding throughout the North Temperate Zone. They can be found in abundance in winter on southern freshwater marshes and occasionally on saltwater marshes. The male Gadwall is a handsome duck with soft shades of grays and tans. Gadwall are “Puddle” or “Dabbling” ducks. They feed by tipping forward so their tail sticks up as they reach for plant vegetation on the bottom of shallow marshes and rivers. A Gadwall’s diet consists almost totally of vegetation with some invertebrates being eaten for extra protein during breeding season.

The perfect gift for any waterfowl enthusiast, order today to add this eye-catching sculpture as a special gift or to add it your personal collection.

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