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Spring Plumage Green-Winged Teal
Spring Plumage Green-Winged Teal - PUKN42

Spring Plumage Green-Winged Teal

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North America's smallest duck the Green-winged Teal can be identified by its undersized, stubby beak and its rather short neck.  Loon Lakes Spring Plumage Green-Winged Teal has captured the life like image of this handsome duck right down to the lamellae which are finely spaced along its beak in a splendid carved style decoy.  These lamellae allow this little dabbler to quickly separate its favorite food - seeds of aquatic plants - from the water that its consumes while feeding.  along the inside, which makes it easy to feed on one of its favorite foods, the seeds of marine vegetation. The natural paint and the gap in the beak of the Spring Plumage Green-winged Teal depicts this speedy little duck in a realist rendition.  Many birders and hunters will recognize this little guys pose as that of a Drake that is stretching after an afternoon nap in the sun. 

The Teal is North America's most challenging target on the wing.  Not only are these little guys fast, they can turn on a dime and accelerate straight up and away when danger shows its face.

Decorate your office, lodge, home or cabin with this colorful Spring Plumage Green-Winged Teal or give it as a the perfect outdoor gift.


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