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Warmfront Half-Zip Fleece Lined Pullover
Warmfront Half-Zip Fleece Lined Pullover - 30012617

Warmfront Half-Zip Fleece Lined Pullover

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Warm Front
Because it isn’t always cold.
Feature-laden, highly technical outerwear is popular with waterfowlers. However, it can be overkill in some conditions. Early season hunting is more comfortable, more maneuverable and more breathable with Browning’s Warm Front line. Warm Front offers you just the right amount of protection in warmer climates or when temperatures rise in the afternoon. Rely on Warm Front instead of a heavy waterproof shell, even in cooler, drier weather by wearing it over insulating layers to stave off the wind. Warm Front is set to be your first choice when the hunting gets hot.

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