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Youth Snake Guardz - Camoflauged
Youth Snake Guardz - Camoflauged - CSSGBUY

Youth Snake Guardz - Camoflauged

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100% USA MADE inv 8.10.07

Snake Guardz™ are manufactured with 1000 denier nylon or 600 denier polyester encasing polycarbonate inserts which stop the fangs of poisonous snakes.  They protect to 18 inches high – just like snake boots.  Snake Guardz™ weigh only 10 ounces and are impact tested  to ASTM test method F-1342-05.  They stop a 12 gauge shotgun blast at 20 yards.  The gun used in this testing was a Remington Model 11-87, 12 gauge, 28 inch barrel, full choke and 3-1-8 lead shot loads.  The fabrics have 1 ounce of urethane applied to the inside surface for water resistance.  Snake Guardz™ secure to the leg of the wearer with two 1 inch polyester straps and polyurethane quick release buckles.  They may be worn loosely around the leg allowing for air circulation between the leg and the guard.   Snake Guardz™ have a unique patented toe cover which covers the laces of a boot or shoe and prevents the possibility of snake fangs becoming tangled in shoelaces when struck.  Snake Guardz™ are cool, comfortable leg armor.

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