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Double Nasty Spit Tech Duck Call - 44002 DN
Double Nasty Spit Tech Duck Call - 44002 DN

Double Nasty Spit Tech Duck Call

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It’s late in the season, it’s raining, cold and nasty. There is no better time to have Buck Gardner's “Double Nasty” acrylic call with Spit-Tech Technology as the go-to call on your lanyard, cause you never have to worry about it’s performance. This double reed call is hand-tuned by Pro Staff Tuners who are champion callers, and it flawlessly delivers a full spectrum of sounds from low end feed calls to ringing hail calls to a simple raspy quack. It’s a natural! Made in the USA

"Buck’s Pro Staff Tuners put a lot of work into each call,” Buck Gardner noted. “That’s why I can offer a lifetime guarantee with complete confidence. I know these calls will perform flawlessly for years to come.” Both of the calls in the Buckshot Series features a unique six-sided barrel design with a hand polished finish, that is typically only found on an acrylic duck call.

Spit-Tech Technology

Spit-Tech is an innovative technology exclusive to Buck Gardner's Calls, which enables the duck call to work even when it's wet from spit or duck pond water. Buck says, "the wetter the better" and backs each Spit-Tech call with a money-back guarantee. "They never stick," Buck claims. "If a Spit-Tech call ever sticks I’ll (Buck Gardner Calls) give your money back. That's my personal guarantee."

Spit-Tech Technology exclusive to Buck Gardner’s Calls. It’s a secret he hasn’t even told his kids about yet!

The Spit-Tech Series of acrylics are by far the most versatile hand crafted duck calls available today.