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Banded White River Wading Jacket
Banded White River Wading Jacket

Banded White River Wading Jacket

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    Worthy of being named after the White River National Wildlife Refuge, the Banded White River Wading Jacket grew out of a vision to create a duck hunting jacket that technically advanced and just simply made to hunt ducks.   Consisting of the finest materials and craftsmanship, this 3-in-1 style jacket is a duck hunters best companion when the weather is best for pursuing greenheads and webbed feet.  The shell jacket features the 100% waterproof, breathable protection of Banded's SHED technology and all the functionality you'll need to get 'er done.  The liner jacket is packed with Primaloft Silver insulation and sewn from superior, fast drying fabric that resist water and has a soft, quite feel.  The next time shoulder the scatter gun and swing on incoming duck, you'll look and hunt like a pro in your new Banded White River Wading Jacket.  Click on the features tab to learn more.

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