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Browning ETA Gore-Tex Pant
Browning ETA Gore-Tex Pant

Browning ETA-FM Gore-Tex Pant

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Gore-Tex Protection and Packable Design
Browning A-TACs Camo

The Browning ETA Gore-Tex Pant is simply the driest, most dependable camo hunting pant in the field.  And, although this pant is lightweight and made thin for easy packing, it is rugged and built to perform season after season while resisting damage due to tear or puncture.   100% waterproof with seams that are fully taped.  A member of Browning’s FM Speed Line, this pant’s main purpose in life is to protect the aggressive hunter without impeding their progress.   A Gore-Tex pant with two layer design and  the Gore-Tex waterproof, windproof but highly breathable membrane laminated to the out shell.  The laminate membranes means no space for excess water and weight therefore even in the worst of downpours, you stay on the hunt unrestricted but dry and comfortable.  But, that’s not all.  The ETA Gore-Tex Pant is loaded with features that you would expect on a premium, Gore-Tex hunting pant.  Features like a pair of front pockets with zip closure and huge pockets for cargo located on each thigh.   Belt loops for a secure fit and leg zippers that extend to knee height.   And everywhere these pants bend, like the crotch with it’s motion panel extending full length and the knees designed with darts for full articulation, Browning has pulled a full ergonomic design to make sure that every motion is unrestricted and keeps the hunter at full speed with minimal effort.  And, these quite, stealthy pants feature Brownig’s exclusive A-TACs camouflage for successful stalks and stealthy ambushes.  Don’t go afield in bulky outerwear just to stay dry, dress like a pro and pack the ETA Gore-Tex Pant for all the weather protection you will need. 

Pair this pant with the Browning Hell's Canyon Speed ETA-FM Gore-Tex Jacket for the most remarkable rain suit in the filed.

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