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Commander in Chief Acrylic - CCA1
Commander in Chief Acrylic - CCA1

Commander in Chief Duck Call

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Well, you asked for it, and a name you can trust in duck calling, the Duck Commander, delivered an awesome duck call with proven performance and the smart looks of acrylic or cocobola  A top of the line, beautiful, clear acrylic duck call with the perfect duck-like sound that made Duck Commander gear famous. Hard-core, Mississippi flyway hunters have known for years the value of acrylic calls, now you can see the results for yourselves.  Or, the beautiful natural look and rich tone of cocobola wood.  Each call tuned and perfected at the Duck Commander factory to provide your absolute best opportunity for success in the field.  Duck hunt like a pro with a new Commander in Chief  duck call and save with our sale prices that is pennies on the dollar.