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Drake MST Guide Bib - DW157
Drake MST Guide Bib - DW157

Drake MST Guide Bib

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Because there is no break at the waist, as with a shirt and pants, the long john retains more body heat and is the ultimate base layer.  And, the 8 oz fleece Drake MST Guide Bib is the ultimate long john.  Whether worn inside a Drake wader or outerwear like a Drake bib, this Guide Bib is perfect thermal layer for hunters that wade deep cold water or pursue duck and geese in snow covered fields.   The bib design eliminates bunching or un-tucking that can occur with a shirt and pants base layer.  And, the sleeveless arm design means less bulk in the important areas that mount, point and swing the shotgun.  That means impressing everyone in the blind with those amazing rocket speed fly-by and zooming overhead shots.  The guide bib has foot stirrups that keep the legs in place while slipping into hunting bibs or hunting waders.   Make your first layer a Drake MST Guide Bib and hunt like a pro in comfort.

And, the solid black color makes this fleece bib versatile.  When the new powder is calling but the mercury has dropped out of site, wear you new Drake MST Guide Bib under your ski pants and ski jacket for a warm day on the slopes.

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