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Drake Swamp Sole Backpack - DB3581
Drake Swamp Sole Backpack - DB3581

Drake Swamp Sole Backpack

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If you hunt with a load of gear and need an easy way to organize, carry and protect it, the Drake Swamp Sole Backpack was built for you and hunter like you.  The molded  hard bottom of this hunting pack forms a secure watertight bottom of a camo pack that is going to change the way get your stuff in the field.  Built for action, this backpack keeps essential items on the exterior for easy, quick access.   On the front there are 10 loops for ammo.  Outside you will also find a pouch for a small thermos or bottle of water, a padded case to store fragiles like glasses and on the left side a pouch with zip closure - and this gear is on the exterior for unopened pack access.  And, the huge interior compartment has all the space your going to need for ammo boxes, spare layers and other large gear items.   Comfortable to carry, the back of this hunting pack has mesh padding and improved ventilation with a central channel to flow/circulate air while on your back.   Load you new Drake Swamp Sole Backpack with all the Drake gear you'll need on the hunt and take to the field fully supplied and going like a pro.

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