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Drake MST Youth Eqwader Full Zip | DW304
Drake MST Youth Eqwader Full Zip | DW304

Drake MST Youth Eqwader Full Zip

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The Drake MST Youth Eqwader Full Zip is a just like Dad's DW433 Eqwader Full Zip top and a full zip version of the remarkably popular Drake pullover, the MST Youth Eqwader Quarter Zip.   Like the 1/4 zip, the full zip features the Drake under-wader, fleece comfort that refashioned waterfowl clothing a decade and a half ago.  Available in sizes 8 thru 16 youth, this camo top is cut and tailor for the kids and is an essential duck hunting top for every young hunter.   Why?  First, the full zip is much easier to manage than the 1/4 zip. It is easier on/off, easier to open for ventilation and easier to get to the inside to clean.   The upper shoulders and sleeves are sewn from 100% Waterproof/Windproof/Breathable second generation Refuge HyperSheld Technology and seams are tape sealed.  The neoprene cuffs adjust for a snug fit that keeps a cold wind and drips out.  A draw sting adjust the torso width and reduces bulk for a comfortable fit inside kid's waders or comfortable layering under the Drake LST Youth Insulated Bib.  Calls stay organized with the chest mounted Magnattach call organizer.  Security pocket with zip closure to protect valuables as well as hand warmer pockets.  But that's not why.  The real why is "It looks just like Dad's, that's what every kid wants.  Your kid can hunt like a pro and dress like a pro in the Drake MST Youth Eqwader Full Zip.

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