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Drake Blind Bag 2.0 Realtree Max5
Drake Blind Bag 2.0 Realtree Max5

Drake Blind Bag 2.0

On sale: $59.99 $50.99
Retail Price:$69.99
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Part Number: DA1020-DA1030
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Max4  -  Bottomland  -  Blades

Large (DA1020):  $ 50.99
X-Large (DA1030):  $ 60.99

The Drake Waterfowl Blind Bag 2.0 is a combination of all the incredible hunting bags that Drake produced in the past.  Previously, Drake offered camo blind bags in a large number of styles, but they designed the Blind Bag 2.0s to be the ultimate blind bags and that eliminated the need for the array of models of the past.  The 2.0 Bags starts with an outer shell of strong, HD2 fabric and then install a double waterproof liner in the main compartment making these bags incredibly waterproof from top to bottom.  The liner is seam welded for a dependable seal and then the first liner is overlaid with a second liner which is also the bag’s organizing feature.  Within these layers, Drake inserts shock absorbing padding made of closed cell foam to protect your gear from bumps and drops.  The 2cd liner contains 18 pouches in the Large (DA1020) bag and 20 in the X-Large (DA1030) model.  Your gear remains separated for quick access as well as being stored in the protected and easy to carry 2.0 Bags.  Outside the bag you will find quick access to the gear you need most.  Like the 2 zip close shell pouches located at each end of the Bag 2.0  and the external pocket on the bags face which has elastic shell loops as well as sleeves for chokes.  There is a pocket with a clear, see through window for maps, license or cell phone.  You’ll find loops that are adjustable to accommodate your gun case and a special pocket to safely store sunglasses.  and, wrapping it all up, a sleeve on the top of the bag serves as a jacket for your thermos.  Well now you can see why the new Blind Bag 2.0 replaces all of previous Drake blind hunting bags.  Pack your gear in a new 2.0 and hit the hunt like a pro

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