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Ducks Unlimited Truck Seat Organizer
Ducks Unlimited Truck Seat Organizer Blades

Ducks Unlimited Truck Seat Organizer

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Mud River Taupe Seat Organizer - $ 114.99
DU Camo Truck Seat Organizer - $ 124.99

The Ducks Unlimited Truck Seat Organizer in Mossyoak camouflage is also available in the Mud River solid taupe model.  What and awesome addition to your truck or SUV.  This handy item is easy to install and remove with the two adjustable straps that attach to the seats headrest.  Now you can load all your gear, roll the organizer and install in your vehicle wit all gear stored.  No more back to the house for that item you forgot.  And, best of all, the seat organizer keeps all the gear neatly stored rather than tossed on the seat of floor saving room for your hunitng buddies or with the Two Barrel Double Seat Cover in place, your retriever dog.  Measuring 49 inches wide and 27 inches tall, the organizer features 4 ea 12 in wide by 6 1/2 inch wide compartments across the top.  these compartments are 2 inches deep and close with secure Velcro.  Below there are 2 large compartments that may serve as gun cases.  These long compartments measure 49 1/2 inches wide by 6 1/2 inches high and are also 2 inches deep.  The lower compartments have a 2 way zippered access at the top and the bottom compartment is removable.  The poly-nylon exterior shell is durable for years of service.  Get organized and load, unload and store your gear quickly with the camouflaged Ducks Unlimited Truck Seat Organizer or the Mud River Truck Seat Organizer.

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