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Feeder Dove Decoys by Edge - 53608-7
Feeder Dove Decoys by Edge - 53608-7

Feeder Dove Decoys by Edge

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What?  You have never dove hunting with dove decoys.  Well your missing some exciting action.  Not only do these decoys bring the doves closer, they slow their flight to take a close look or even attempt to land.  Now, your not going to let them land are you?  Your dove hunting gear should include at least a half dozen of these decoys but 2 dozen is even better.  The Feeder Dove Decoy is the easiest way to add realistic motion to your dove decoy spread and each decoy comes with its own ground stake that is designed to allows a full 360 degrees of movement with just the slightest breeze.   Each pack includes four of our realistic dove decoys and four of our new motion ground stakes.  Add a dozen of the Clip-on Dove Decoys overhead and give your decoy spread a dimensional appeal.

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