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Hodgman Fleece Sleeveless John
Hodgman Fleece Sleeveless John

Hodgman Fleece Sleeveless John - CLOSEOUT

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Hodgman Fleece Wader Pants:  $ 10.49
Hodgman Fleece Sleeveless John:  $ 17.49

The Hodgman Fleece Sleeveless John is a superior mid-layer because it covers the entire torso as well as the legs.  That means your core areas are well protected.  Sewn from non-piling, 4 way stretch polyester fleece that is double brushed, this fleece bib style mid layer is perfect under all waders - hunting or fishing.  It is also a blessing under your hunting bibs when the mercury drops out of sight.  The full length self repairing zipper makes it easy to get in and out of this john.  And, the elastic pant cuffs form a snug fit to retain body heat.  The elastic stirrups keep the legs fabric in place when getting into and out of duck hunting waders, pants or camo bibs.  I have worn this bib for years and it has saved the day on many Canada duck hunts as well as fly fishing under fishing waders.  Layer up, get off the sofa and go like a pro in your Hodgman Fleece Sleeveless John.

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