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Hodgman Redstone Hip Wader
Hodgman Redstone Hip Wader

Hodgman Redstone Hip Wader - CLOSEOUT

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Retail Price:$100.00
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Part Number: 755T
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Cleated Sole:   $ 59.99
Non-slip Sole:  39.99

This product requires a $ 5 shipping surplus charge.  With the increase in shipping cost it
is necessary for us to add a surcharge to many of our bootfoot waders.

HODGMAN REDSTONE NONSLIP HIP WADER - Especially for the fisherman
Climate should not impact the outcome of your next adventure especially when it comes to your gear. In a moderate climate, you need a moderate weight fishing wader which delivers performance you can count on. The Hodgman Redstone NonSlip Hip Waders are the perfect fit in most conditions. Affordable, lightweight, packable, and durable, these Redstone Hip Wader are available in cleated sole or non-slip sole and these breathable waders were designed for more moderate climates with the same quality and rugged durability you've come to expect from Hodgman. The Redstone Hip Wader provides more flexibility and less chaffing than other rubber waders.  Fisherman will stand tall and surefooted in the with the nonslip soles and navigate the nuckiest marsh in a cleated sole.  So when a hip wader is just what you need, choose the Hodgman Redstone Hip Wader and go in comfort while yo fish like a pro.

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