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Insulated Max4 Camo Kennel Cover - 60154
Insulated Max4 Camo Kennel Cover - 60154

Large Max4 Insulated Kennel Cover

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MAX-4 HD Camo
Large - $67.49

Ok - I get it.  Your retriever dog rides in the back.  And, with the price of today's premium trucks and SUVs, why wouldn't they.  So, treat them like the true hunting companion you just can't hunt without and protect them with a Classic Accessories Insulated  Kennel Cover.    When the weather's cold, wet and windy, this insulated camouflage kennel cover fits over your dog's kennel to create a comfy, weatherproof refuge that he will thank you for.  This worst the weather the better the duck hunting and this cover makes for a warm ride in the back of an open truck or a cozy resting spot for your best hunting buddy.   And, when you arrive in the field, just slide the travel kennel into the field with the Classic Accessories Insulated  Kennel Cover and you've got a camouflaged dog blind that hides, protects and controls the younger, less disciplined retriever.