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Johnny Stewart Attractor w/ Remote - MC-CALL
Johnny Stewart Attractor w/ Remote - MC-CALL

Johnny Stewart Attractor w/ Remote - CLOSEOUT

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PT-2 - Predator
PT-1 - Predator

The lightweight Attractor is a digital game caller that is compact but yet has plenty of features.

This caller is hand held but is packed with five 16 bit, pre-programmed calls.  The .5-watt,  8-ohm speaker that is included with this base unit provides directional calling with the 180 degrees pivot feature.  Loop the 30-second calls for continuous calling that get the attention of your prey. 

Includes a remote that provides 50 yards remote activation.  So hunters can attract game to a shooting zone without revealing their ambush location.  A 12-volt, A23 battery operates the remote and 4 AA batteries power the Johnny Stewart Attractor  callers base unit.  Batteries sold separately.

A handy holster with belt clip makes makes the base unit easy to carry and it can be easily attached to branches, fences or hung from other items.

This caller uses the Johnny Stewart sounds that are famous for high quality calls of predatordeer, crow and turkey models. .

Model #PT-1...Predator 1. Includes Woodpecker, Baby Bird Distress, High Pitched Cottontail, Rodent Distress and Puppy Distress sounds.
Model #PT-2...Predator 2. Includes Desperate Cries of a Cottontail,
Vittles A'la Jackrabbit, Coyote Pup Distress, Fawn Bleating and Coywolf Bark/Howls sounds.

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