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McAlister Dove Shirt Short Sleeve - MC519
McAlister Dove Shirt Short Sleeve - MC519

McAlister Dove Shirt Short Sleeve

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Dove hunts are early season hunts and your dove hunting gear should include clothing that keeps you cool and comfortable.  The McAlister Dove Shirt Short Sleeve is the perfect upland hunting shirt for early season hunts.  And pack this shirt with your fishing clothes because it doubles as an awesome fishing shirt..  With front as well as the typical back vents, this shirt keeps you double cool and protected from the sun with an extendable collar.  Find a seat in the shade, roll up your sleeves and secure with the Swiss tabs and enjoy a cool breeze while waiting for the next flurry.  The vertical chest pocket and huge patch pockets on the front keep gobs of dove hunting gear secure and ready.   Lightweight fabric that dries quickly cools and keeps you comfortable.  Match this awesome shirt with the Dove Pants for the hunting clothes you need for a warm dove hunt with hot action.