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Mojo Multi-Cycle Remote Control - HW2011
Mojo Multi-Cycle Remote Control - HW2011

Mojo Multi-Cycle Remote Control

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The MOJO Multi-Cycle Remote Control is going to take your motion decoy to a whole new level of realism.  While it is simple to use, this devise creates random movement which is much more natural.  The Multi-Cycle Remote Control is programmed to vary the cycles of on/off and thereby creates an illusion of multiple landing birds or birds that are doing a stretch flap while at rest.  And, this device is adjustable with the capability to select 5 different settings and adjust the wings spinning motion from simple On/Off to 4 different combinations of spin duration on and off. (see below for details).  This device has an enormous operating range of 350 ft.   The decoys rechargeable battery operates the remote and installation is a snap with the pre-wired assembly and detailed instructions.  Get your new MOJO Multi-Cycle Remote Control and get real while you hunt like a pro.

16 seconds on / 6 seconds off
6 seconds on / 16 seconds off
20 seconds on / 10 seconds off
2 seconds on / 20 seconds off