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Rutwear Clothes

Rut Wear clothing is a deer and big game hunting line.  Rut Wear clothes are manufacturer by ICON, better know for their Drake Waterfowl hunting clothes.  Rut wear clothing uis made with teh same quality as the Drake line, but the camo patterns and features are modified to better fit the deer and big game hunting.  While the Drake line has grown and now includes decoys, bags, gun accessories, waders boots and even hunting blinds; the Rut Wear line, despite its quality construction and functional features never really caught on with the deer and big game hunting consumer.  Possibly for that reason, in 2015 ICON, will discontinue the Rut Wear line and label and introduce the new Non-Typical deer and big game hunting apparel.  The Non-Typical is being introduced as part of the Drake line and will be a smaller line than the former Rut Wear.  So, if you missed the opportunity to get into some of Rut Wears quality clothing, shop now and get a great deal on Rut Wear clothes at closeout prices.  Quality ger - Rut Wear clothing - at bargain prices.
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Rut Wear Mid-Season Layering Coat
In Stock.
Rut Wear Mid Season Wind/Waterproof Pullover
In Stock.
Browning Wool Upland Sweater
Out of Stock.
Rut Wear Wool Liner Jacket
In Stock.
Rut Wear Mid-Season Double-Impact Pullover
In Stock.
Rut Wear Mid-Season Bonded Fleece Pant
In Stock.
Rut Wear Trailhead Mid-Season Rain Pant
In Stock.
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