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Swan Lake Pintail - SWANLAKE
Swan Lake Pintail - SWANLAKE

Swan Lake Pintail

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In the early 1970's the Pintail was North America's most abundant duck species.  It's widespread popularity and its unique tail feathers earned it a number of nicknames like Spike tail, sprig, spike or sprigtail. A large dabbler duck, the Pintail is only medium weight because this duck is built for speed.  The long slender profile matches the mallard in length but the Pintails elegant shape means far less bulk that other large dabblers.  Their profile is easily distinguished by their elegant neck, sleek body and pointed tail.  Measuring as much as 4 inches long, the tail feathers of the Drake Pintail are easily recognized when flock circles gracefully overhead.  The Loon Lake carve style decoy Swan Lake Pintail capture the elegant detail and natural colors of this popualr duck.

Decorate the home, office, cabin or lodge with this decorative decoy and impress hunters and collectors alike.  Or, give the Swan Lake Pintail as a gift and be remembered for years for the passion you share.