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Tracker Ghillie Poncho - GS002
Tracker Ghillie Poncho - GS002

Tracker Ghillie Poncho

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Part Number: GS002
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Lightweight Synthetic $ 75.49 or  Premium Natural Jute  $ 102.49
  Add $ 21 for White/Snow

The Jute suit is pre-treated with a Class "A" fire-retardant
The Synthetic Suit is not fire retardant.
Please do not smoke in either suit

Especially for hunters that need upper body coverage, the lightweight "Tracker" Ghillie is the suit for those pursuing game on the run.  Built to provide unrestricted lower body movement, this ghille suit is perfect for the hurried stalk to get ahead of your prey then kneeling in ambush.  With arm sleeves, the "Tracker" has a secure comfortable fit.  The attached hood for superior head concealment.   This suit is built on nylon netting for an actual jute model weight o 4.5 Lbs while the synthetic model weighs only 3.5 lbs.    This suit is perfect for turkey hunters and other hunters that sit or kneel in ambush.

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