Browning Wicked Wing Wader Jacket - Shell & Insulated

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Browning Wicked Wing Wader Jacket - Shell & Insulated - MossyOak Blades
Browning Wicked Wing Wader Jacket - Shell & Insulated - MossyOak Blades

Browning Wicked Wing Wader Jacket - Shell & Insulated

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304775 Insulated Model:  $ 106.49   SPECIAL  Realtree Timber  $ 86.49
304772 Shell Weight Model:  $ 92.49   Special Realtree Timber  $ 72.49

Realtree Timber  -  MossyOak Blades

OMG - with the new Browning Wicked Wing Wader jackets, Browning literally knocked this one out of the park!!  Wicked Wing has always stood for superior performance in wicked weather, but the new Wader Jackets introduced in 2019 continue this fine tradition but at a price that is, well just WICKED.  Image a 100% waterproof, windproof camo jacket with Browning quality for under $100.  The Shell Weight jacket is priced at $ 92.49 and the Insulated model is only a few bucks more at $ 104.99.   And, these are both serious duck hunting jackets.  The Wicked Wing Insulated Wader jacket is packed with Primaloft insulation to a weight of 80 grams.  Primaloft has become the standard for waterfowl hunting jackets because it retains its loft and insulation properties even when wet.  In addition to warm Primaloft insulation, the Insulated Wader Jacket includes all of the features of the Shell Weight wader jacket described below.

Both models aer 100% waterproof with seams that are fully taped and sewn from a windproof fabric.  The hood is attached for maximum protection and adjust to a custom fit with superior field of view.  The shoulders are equipped with pads that are integrated to absorb recall and make shooting high velocity, non-toxic, 3 1/2 inch ammo much more pleasurable.  The chest pockets are large enough to store gear and calls.  A pair handwarmer pockets are fleece lined for warmth and comfort.  A storm flap located behind a water resistant zipper, runs the full length of that front zipper and keeps splashing water, frigid boat spray and precipitation out where it belongs.  Zippered vents located under each arm release excess heat and moisture during active periods and when the day warms.   Numerous internal pockets keep gear and valuables safe and protected.   The cuffs are neoprene to remain dry and adjust to a snug, warm, dry fit with hook-n-loop straps.  Perfect for hunting in duck waders, these Wicked Wing Waders Jackets, are cut waist length to remain drier while wading.  What a deal.. And, combine this fine camo jacket with the new Wicked Wong Insulated bib and your ready to get off the sofa and hunt like a pro.

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