Drake Guardian Elite 6-Layer 4-in-1 Wader

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Drake Guardian Elite 6-Layer 4-in-1 Wader - Realtree Max5
Drake Guardian Elite 6-Layer 4-in-1 Wader - Realtree Max5

Drake Guardian Elite 6-Layer 4-in-1 Wader

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Drake Guardian Elite 6-Layer 4-in-1 Wader
with Tear-Away Insulated Liner
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If you have not bought a new duck wader in several years, the new Drake Guardian Elite 6-Layer, 4-in-1 Breathable Wader with its amazing Tear-Away Insulated wader is what you've been waiting for.  This wader is the convertible wader of waders.  It is an:

1. Awesome uninsulated lightweight fishing wader but,
2.  Zip on the camo shell and it becomes the best breathable, camo hunting wader in the marsh. Now,
3.  Insert the waist high insulated liner with body mapped 125 & 200 gram insulation and combined with the 1600 grams of insulation in the boots, your ready for the coldest late season hunt. Wait there's more
4.  Zip-off the exterior camo liner, and your back in the steelhead or trout stream for some early spring fishing and you want notice the snow and ice.

That is a true 6-Layer, 4-in-1 wader packed with all the features that has made Drake products the most popular gear to get wet outdoors. 

This awesome breathable wader is built on a brown base upper constructed from Drake's 3 layer Guardian Elite Fabric.  This wader fabric is 100% waterproof, yet remarkably breathable and light.  But, the 3 layer construction provides superior durability when fishing.  Zip on the camo exterior shell  and add 2 additional camo layers of protection as well as the seat, knees and boots being covered and reinforced with HD3 fabric technology.  That's rugged and Drake must know it because for the first time, this wader carries a 2-Year repair or replace warranty from sole to strap.  That's right 2 year warranty coverage on all Guardian waders

Tear-away liner?  That's right the new Guardian Elite 6-Layer Insulated wader has a removable insulated liner.  And, unlike other insulated waders, the Drake tear away liner can be removed while you are in the wader.  Now that's cleaver.  As the morning warms and you begin to pickup decoys and perform other hunt task, just reach down in the wader and tear away the liner.  Pack it in your back pack or blind bag and end your hunt in comfort.  Only at Drake.

Tear-away liner away!!!  But this is no ordinary liner.  The Drake wader liner features mapped insulation to match bulk versus  protection.  The front of the liner has a solid 125 grams of LokDown insulation to keep you warm in icy waters.  But the rear and seat area where you contact snow, ice and the cold wet blind bench is stuffed to 200 grams for added protection from the snow cover, icy bench or ground.  Body mapped insulation - cleaver, Drake cleaver!!

Did we mention the 2 year top to bottom warranty on Drake Guardian waders?  Well that is only possible with fewer leaks.  In addition to the protective boot, seat and knee HD3 coverings previously mentioned, Drake's new Intelli-Design reduces leaks by reducing the source of most leaks - needle holes and tape seal - by 75%.   That's right, 75% less exposure to leaks.  And, what do you do with a wader that is made to such remarkable standards - double the warranty to 2 years.

Dry, comfortable, dependable and dependable waders that are remarkably dependable.  Drake Guardian Elite 6-Layer 4-in-1 Wader with the amazing tear-away insulated liner.  Hunt like a pro - a dry pro!

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