Ducks Unlimited Cargo Liner

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Ducks Unlimited Cargo Liner Camo Side Bottomland
Ducks Unlimited Cargo Liner Camo Side Bottomland

Ducks Unlimited Cargo Liner

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Wet dogs, muddy waders bloody birds and Lord knows what else.  Don't you just love it!!! Until it is time to load it into the back of your SUV.  It's a real mess and that mess can elevate the spouse element by a substantial factor, unless you first slide the Ducks Unlimited Cargo Liner into your SUVs cargo space.  Sharp looking and reversible with your favorite camo pattern on one side and solid brown/tan on the other and both carrying the DU logo that shows your support for the resource and sport.  The nylon exterior shell makes for easy cleanup and is padded for 4 legged comfort and to reduce bump impact on your gun and gear.  The adjustable head rest straps and other adjustable features means this liner will adapt to fit a variety of seat style and SUV cargo areas.  Your cargo area is surrounded with the back seat lined with 22 1/2 inch tall protection while the sides get a full 8 inch tall coverage.  The cargo bed coverage is 41 1/2 y 44 1/2 and contains the mud, blood guts and blood until the hose cleans 'er up for the next