Welcome to our Make an Offer page.  Here you will learn how to take advantage of this powerful feature and shop like a pro.  As you shop our huge online catalog you will find a boat load of quality hunting gear at bargain prices.  Bargain prices that are not just available on special sales days or associated with discount codes or other gimmicks, but everyday bargain price on the best duck hunting gear 365 days a year.  That is the Texas Fowlers promise to our loyal, valuable customers.

However, for various reasons, there are certain products that may be price negotiable.  On the product page, a product with a negotiable price will have the "Make an Offer" button located directly under the "Add to Cart" button on the product page.  When you see the "Make an Offer" button on a product page, you will have the option to make an immediate purchase at our everyday bargain price using the "Add to Cart" button or click the "Make an Offer" button and begin the process of price negotiations.

Clicking the "Make an Offer" button produces a simple offer form.  You will complete the form as follows:

1.  Price - enter the offered price

2.  Name - Enter your full name

3.  Email - Enter your email and check for accuracy because email will be our primary contact method for price negotiations

4.  Comments - Here you may enter no comments for a simple offer or you may clarify your offer with comments such as price match request (include store, item number, size, color and price of price match request) or identify a price range that you would consider an acceptable price.

5.  Once, the Make an Offer form is complete, click the "Submit" button at the lower left corner of the form.

You've done it, what a pro!!! It's that simple.  Your offer has been submitted and you will receive an email confirming the offer.

Next, Texas Fowlers will consider your offer and criteria such as availability, manufacturer blackout pricing, competitor pricing and your comments.  We will respond as follows:

1.  Accept your offer:  If we accept your offer, you will receive an email advising you that the price is accepted and the duration of the buying opportunity.  If you do not make the purchase before the offer expires, the accepted price will expire.  Making the purchase is easy, simply click on the special purchase link provided in the email and you will be directed to the special price product page.  If you have any questions call Customer Service at 281 384 8037.

2.  If Texas Fowlers rejects your offer, you will receive an email advising that your offered price is not acceptable.  And, we may continue with an explanation for why your offer was not acceptable and in some cases, advise you of our minimum acceptable offer for the product and specific options.  Or, we may request additional information in order to reconsider your offer.  If we respond with a counter offer, you should make an other offer using the counter offer price for an immediate acceptance.

Thank you for visiting our Make an Offer page and taking time to receive the Power of Negotiation at Texas Fowlers.  If you have any questions regarding this program, please call 281 384 8037