Our Why... An Emphasis on Customer Service

A few months after taking over the ownership of Texas Fowlers, we found our why. We participated in the Texas Fishing Expo in Houston. It allowed us the opportunity to visit with customers face-to-face and hear about what they wish to see and what concerns they had. One particular customer was a local fishing guide. He found us and shared his experiences with us about a large well-known vendor. He explained that he had dealt with this company for years and if he had any problems, a phone call was all it took to get the issue fixed. However, the company had recently been sold and everything changed. What had previously taken a phone call to fix had now changed to no one answering the phone. When he finally got someone to take his call, they told him that he had to communicate completely online via email and would not help him over the phone. He was not happy and wondered why he wasn’t valued as a customer anymore. He wanted the same quality of merchandise that he had grown accustomed to over the past 15-20 years while still being appreciating as a customer. He animatedly begged us to help the industry where big box stores and vendors had failed many people.

That fishing expo gave us our why. We realized that we wanted to treat people differently, searching high and low for quality products that we ourselves use. You, our friends in the outdoor sporting world, deserve to be treated like family. We believe in giving you the best quality gear