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Avery Guide's Bag - CLOSEOUT

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Killer Weed  -  Buck Brush  -  Marsh Grass  -  Realtree Max5  - MO Blades  -  MO Bottomland

Guides across North America choose the Avery Guide's Bag for the hunting bag.  This watertight camo bag has 650 cubic inches of 3 pocket storage and it is an economical camo bag.   The DU Logo says that you support the sport and are a serious hunter.  Inside you'll find a bag that is water tight and removable as well as elastic choke tube slots for 3 choke tubes  that keep your chokes organized and easy to locate. Under the top flap is a mesh pocket with zip closure.  And outside there is a shoulder strap for comfortable hands and 2 d-rings for attaching additional gear.  Go ahead pack everything you'll need on this duck hunt in your Avery Guide's Bag and get out there.
  • 15" Lx 3"W x 12"H
Color: Killer Weed|Marsh Grass|Buck Brush|Realtree Max5|MossyOak Blades|MossyOak Bottomland

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