Browning Dirty Bird Choke Tubes - 1131853

Browning Dirty Bird Choke Tubes

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Invector Plus
Full   -   Modified   -   Improved Cylinder

2 Pack  - 1130213  -  Close and Long Range - $ 32.49

Sold in three pattern ranges: close range like timber and decoys birds, medium range such as late season birds that have grown shy of decoys and long range pass shooting the Browning Dirty Bird Chokes Tubes every imaginable shooting style.  Specificly made for shooting steel shot, the Dirty Bird Choke is designed to be used in shotguns with barrles that have been back bored and have a longer inside choke taper.  Durable stainless steel in grade 17-4 is the metal used to machine these high performance tubes.   Select from 3 choke options 70% pattern for long range, :  50% pattern for medium range and a 30% pattern for close range and a 2 pack the long and close range tubes.
  • Available in 3 chokes for a variety of shooting options
  • Designed to shoot steel shot
  • Designed for back-bored barrels Invector-Plus choke tubes feature longer choke taper
  • Durable 17-4 stainless steel construction for superior patterns
  • Select close and long range tubes in the 2 pack and save
  • 70% pattern for long range tube
  • 50% pattern for medium range pattern
  • 30% pattern for close range pattern
Model: Full - Long Range - 1130210|Medium|Close - 1130212|Timber n Teal - 1131493|Improved Modified - 1131463|Improved Cylinder - 1131483|2 Pack - Full - Long Range - 1130210 & Close - 1130212

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