Carlson's Superior Waterfowl Choke Tubes - Super Steel

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Great Patterns with Steel Shot - Guaranteed

Looking for a waterfowl choke that produces remarkable results with steel shot and Greenheads?  The Carlson's Superior Waterfowl Choke Tubes are your super steel answer!  These steel shot choke tubes are super steel because they are extended to produce denser, tighter patterns.  It is the longer parallel section that reduces flyers and creates these superior patterns.   And, by extending a full 3/4 inches beyond the end of the barrel,  elimiate the damage and wear that prolong steel shot use can cause.  Carlson knurls the choke ends for easy removal and construct these chokes from 17-4 stainless for long life.  The blue finish protects the choke and matches most shotguns.  the mid-range and close range tubes have no restriction on muzzle velocity or shot size.  But the long range tubes should not be used with steel shot shells with muzzle velocities greater than 1550 fps or shot sizes greater than BB. and mid-range choke tubes.   And, the Carlson's Superior Waterfowl Choke Tubes carry a lifetime warranty, not that is made to last season after season.
  • Close Range Choke Tubes - produces tight patterns for 35 yd decoys shots
  • Mid Range Choke Tubes - Best for late season decoy action in the 30 - 35  yds but good to 40 yds
  • Extended Choke Tubes - Pass shooting or bright, late season days with not wind choose the 40 yds plus 
Model: 07115 - Beretta/Benelli Mobil - Close Range|07117 - Beretta/Benelli Mobil - Long Range - .695|07261 - Most Remington Shotguns - Close Range - .720|07263 - Most Remington Shotguns - Mid Range - .710|07265 - Most Remington Shotguns - Long Range - .700|07363 - Browning Invector Plus - Close Range - .730|07365 - Browning Invector Plus - Mid Range - .720|07368 - Browning Invector Plus - Long Range - .710

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