Dove Decoy - Clip-On - 81418-8

Dove Decoy - Clip-On

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The Clip-on Dove Decoy is the most durable, realistic dove decoy on the market.   This decoy features the realistic detail, color and shape of a morning dove at perch.   And, it is perhaps the easiest dove decoy to use with the functional attachment clip that just snaps on branches, wire fences or what have you.  Snap a dozen to the branches above your head and watch birds that would normally pass just out of range swing in close and fall to the scatter gun.  So when you pack your dove hunting gear, be sure to include 6 to 12 of these awesome decoys for an exciting hunt.  This is the dove decoy Texas Fowlers uses and recommends.  This ecoy works well with the Feeder Dove Decoy.
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