Frogg Toggs Boot & Wader Sock

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Frogg Toggs Boot & Wader Sock
48003: CoolMax Sock:  $ 10.99
38079:  Wool Wader Sock:  $ 14.99

Frogg Toggs makes an awesome duck hunting wader as well as producing the best value in breathable stockingfoot fishing waders.  And, perhaps the only way to improve on a Frogg Togg Wader is to wear a pair of the Frogg Toggs Wool Wader Sock or the CoolMax Sock.   Pack a couple pair of each in your wader bag and your ready to wade in complete comfort in varying weather conditions.

Frogg Toggs Wool Wader Sock:  38079
No-itch Merino wool is the first line of defense against cold feet and the Wool Wader Sock wraps legs and feet in the comfortable warmth of wool.  Designed with a rib-knit style neck that is enhanced to fit perfectly inside boots, chest waders, waist waders and hip boots.  Wool socks are especially important for those of us that prefer stockingfoot waders because this style of wader lacks the insulation found in most bootfoot waders.  And, wool is nature's answer to management of internal moisture because wool not only wicks away moisture, it also retains a very high percentage of its insulating power even when damp.  And, these wool socks, like all wool hunting clothes, provide natural odor control.  A full 27" long to fit over the calf which reduces the slide down, bunch up problem and provide maximum warmth in deep water.  Hunt or fish like a pro in your new Frogg Toggs Wool Wader socks.

CoolMax Sock:  48003
On every early season duck hunt or summer wade fishing trip, you should be wearing the Frogg Toggs CoolMax Sock.  The CoolMax has built in moisture management that keeps your feet and legs drier especially in bootfoot waders with insulated boots.    This sock's neck has a rib-knit design to provide a superior fit under any footwear and you will appreciate the odor control that is permanently integrated into this comfortable sock.   The full 27" length means dry comfort all the way up to your knees.  Don't sweat a warm day in hunting waders or breathable fishing waders, pack your new Frogg Toggs CoolMax Socks and go like a pro.

Wool Sock & CoolMax Sock Sizes: L (9-12), XL (12-15)

Size: Large (Sz 9 - 12)|X-Large (Sz 12 - 15)
Style: Wool Wader Sock|CoolMax Sock
Sock Sizes: L (9-12), XL (12-15)

Medium (6-8)
Large (9-12)
X-Large (13-15)

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