Hme 4-in-1, Hme Qmcr           4:1 Card Reader

Hme 4-in-1, Hme Qmcr 4:1 Card Reader


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Hme's 4-in-1 card reader allows you to view your trail cam images on on almost any device.View your images on your apple or android smartphone/tablet with usb-otg functionality.For iso use apple i-brary link, android open system.It has a support capacity of 256 gb.The reader is also compatible with these types of cards: sd, sdhc, sdxc, mmc, mmc 4.0, micro sd, and micro sdxc.Includes adapters for both micro usb and lighting plug and usb 3.0 for use with cases.

Type: SD Card Reader
Function: View Photos
Color: Green
Data Cards: SD & Micro
Compatible With: Android/IOS

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