Lacrosse Venom Scent HD Snake Boot -  425615

Lacrosse Venom Scent HD Snake Boot

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Realtree APG HD Camo

Closeout on Sizes 9, 11 & 12:  Save $ 40

Perhaps you will identify the threat of venomous snakes and avoid that danger without the protection of a snake boot.  But why not prepare for the worst with the best snake proof boot for the dollar, the Lacrosse Venom Scent HD Snake Boot.  By far our most popular Lacrosse snake boot, the Venom Scent Snake Boot is a nice hunting boot when your in snake country and your path leads you down a trail with little or no view of your feet. And, while this boot provides superior protection from snake bites, it is also an agile, lightweight boot that is 100% waterproof and made for the outdoors.   This Lacrosse boot boast the Hyper-Dri waterproof barrier that is scent free. The 100% waterproof Hyper-Dri block transfers water away from your foot, while blocking water from the outside  And, to add stealth to your hunt, this Realtree APG camo boot with olive accent,  features a liner woven with scent suppressing antimicrobial fibers reduce or eliminate bacteria that form human odor.  The boots toe cap is reinforced for protection against trail hazards and abrasion resistant.   Put on your  Lacrosse Venom Scent HD Snake Boot and hit the field like a pro.

  • 100% waterproof Hyper-Dri lining is a scent-free moisture barrier that also transfers water away from the foot
  • Antimicrobial, scent suppressing fibers are woven into the boots liner to reduce  or eliminate the bacteria that cause odor
  • Maneuverable, flexible 360º Snake Guard provides superior protection in a comfortable hunting boot
  • PU footbed and EVA midsole for all-day, cushioning comfort
  • Toe cap is reinforced for abrasion resistant
  • Smaller sizes for small feet or women
  • Shed debris and improve traction with the outsole with Low Country design
  • Shank is steel for lasting support
  • Protects up to 18 inches
Fit: Medium|Wide
Size: 13|14|7|8|9|10|11|12|6|6 1/2|7 1/2|8 1/2|9 1/2|10 1/2|11 1/2|12 1/2|5|5 1/2

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