Mini Electronic Game Caller - 0900

Mini Electronic Game Caller

0900 -NDC-010

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Waterfowl  -  Crow  -  Canada Goose  -  Elk

The lightweight Predation Mini Callers are a handheld game callers that are compact and fit in your pocket.  Versatile for filed action or practice these calls have five, high quality recorded  sounds. Powered by three AAA batteries (not included).


  Canada Goose, Lonesome Hen, Mallards Feeding,  Mallard Hail Call and Snow Geese.


  Crow and Hawk Fight, Crow and Owl Fight, Crow Distress, Crow Frenzy and Crow Signal


Canada Goose 
  Clucks and Double Clucks, Comeback Call, Greeting Call, Intermediate Greeting Call and Laydown Call.


  Cow Elk (Calf), Bull Elk Sparring, Bull Elk Bugle (Adult), Cow Elk (Adult),  and Bull Elk Bugle (Young).



Color: 0905 - Waterfowl|0911 - Crow|1019 - Canada Goose|0906 - Elk

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