Mojo Hawk Decoy - HW4310

Mojo Hawk Decoy

HW4310 -NDC-013

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Attract crows, coyote and many more predators with this amazing decoy.

Here is a new twist in Predator hunting!  The MOJO Hawk stimulates the competitive instincts for an easy meal and even the wariest of coyotes and other predators will close the distance for a shot at another's kill.  The Hawk decoy is positioned above your predator decoy and caller to create the illusion of a bird of prey finishing a kill.  Other predators that are attracted to the call make a bee line for the decoy in an attempt to rob the Hawk decoy. 

Positioned in a realistic hovering or fighting position, the Hawk appears to be jousting for and opportunity to finish a wounded prey. A 6 volt rechargeable battery operates The Hawk and it wings are driven by Mojo's direct drive system.  Get your new Mojo Hawk decoy and get out there hunting like a pro.

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